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Share the kNOw
The mission of Share the kNOw is to be the driving force behind a lasting change that ultimately results in the resources to end human trafficking everywhere

Imagine a 14-year-old kidnapped by a sexual predator. 

Imagine a parent discovering his child’s naked photos on social media.

Imagine a young girl’s self-esteem with a tattoo of her pimp’s name on her forehead.

All of these scenarios happen every day, not just in foreign countries but right here in the U.S. How could you help?  Who would you contact for information?

Share the kNOw is a young foundation that acts as a clearing house for human trafficking nonprofits.  We exist not only to educate youth who are vulnerable to the dangers of sexual predators, but also to educate adults who require facts and vetted website links to combat this rapidly growing industry. Share the kNOw intends to bring together those victims of heinous human trafficking with those trustworthy organizations that answer questions and offer services to those who are in need.

Some of our vetted partners already combatting sex trafficking:

  1. Walk Her Home, an educational non-profit, who sets up clubs in high schools and colleges to engage those young minds with preventative knowledge about trafficking and predators.

  2. National Trafficking Sheltered Alliance, an organization of safe houses that provides shelter and aftercare for those who come out of sex trafficking.

  3. Ink 180, a national organization of tattoo artists dedicated to tattoo removal, and Astanza, a manufacturer of tattoo removal machines who helps non-profits. These groups work together to remove and cover up branding and tattoos placed on trafficking victims which can prevent employment and reproduce trauma.

  4. The Children’s Law Center of California, an organization that sends attorneys with the task force to rescue trafficked children, preventing victimized children from placement into unsafe foster care systems.

      These examples demonstrate the wide range of valiant organizations already fighting this ongoing criminal activity. 

Share the kNOw wants to respond compassionately and effectively to those who require education and reliable resources.  Will you help us reach out to those who need help in these tragic circumstances and end human trafficking?
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