Thomas Carreras Adoption Assistance

Thomas Carreras Adoption Assistance



Lauren and Tommy are thrilled to be adopting a little baby to become the newest member of their family! This baby will be a loved and cherished addition to their family. Big sister Olivia (5 years old) and soon-to-be big brother Caleb (2.5 years old) help mom and dad get the nursery ready and are excited for their new baby brother or sister! Tommy and Lauren finished their home study in October 2020 and are approved to bring home a baby any time through Bethany Christian Services (they are working with the LA branch.) This is a private, open adoption, which means the birth mother (or birth parents!) will likely choose Tommy and Lauren and Olivia and Caleb as the forever family for this child. They are praying over the brave mother who will choose them and pray for the baby as they develop. They are open to an ongoing relationship with the birth parents or birth families if possible and appropriate and are open to a myriad of different situations for the baby (any race, any gender, 0-6 months of age, and a range of exposures.) Tommy and Lauren are joining the many families who anxiously await the call that could result in them bringing home a baby at a moment's notice. The wait is just an opportunity to pray for God's provision, the baby and mother, and God's timing! It's a massive leap of faith, but an incredibly worthwhile one! 

Tommy and Lauren's private adoption costs a total of $34,000. They know God will provide, and in fact, he already is providing in incredible ways! Will you consider donating to their adoption fund and join in on this adoption journey with Tommy and Lauren to bless them and the life of this little baby? The gifts given through New Horizons are tax-deductible, and %100 of the donation will go to Tommy and Lauren's account at Bethany Christian Services. Thank you for your love and your support of Tommy and Lauren Carreras as they continue on this journey!



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