Good Shepherd Christian Hospital, The

The Good Shepherd Christian Hospital will provide modern medical care to the disenfranchised people of Kasur, Pakistan with the compassion,
love and mercy of Christ. 

The people of the Kasur region in Pakistan have limited/no access to even basic medical care, and often treatable diseases go untreated. Broken bones are unset, post-natal and pediatric care is non-existent, and general prophylaxis is unavailable. The additional complications presented by COVID-19 make providing modern medical care to this region all the more critical.

We have recently begun our UPLIFT campaign to begin raising awareness and funding for the Good Shepherd Christian Hospital. Our team members include:

Consultant – Greg Marksberry
Campaign Director – Dave Damron
Administrative Assistant – Stacy Newell
Communication Director – Karen Hunter
Prayer Director – Chris Van Huss
Missionary Family – Saleem & Naylah, Samreena & Peter, Sabreena, Samson, Simon
City Gathering Coordinators:
Mike Mulderink, Burlington KY
Travis Carroll, Knoxville TN
Greg Marksberry, Lake Nona FL
Jim & Vickie Sloderbeck, Newnan GA
Jim Hunter, Batavia OH

A special thanks to these individuals, as well as to all of our generous supporters. Together, we can Uplift our brothers and sisters in Christ, and take part in the mission that God has called us to. 

Project Manager
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