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Oaks & Crown Leadership


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Our Mission 

We are a leadership development and discipleship organization for young professionals in East Africa. Our goal is to raise a generation of leaders who understand their identities in Christ and know how to create Kingdom culture wherever they go.

Our Vision

We see a generation of leaders stepping into their identities as sons and daughters of God, and therefore kings and queens in God's Kingdom with authority to rule with love and justice, to the glory and praise of God. This looks like leaders being formed in the image of Jesus, stepping into places of influence across all sectors of society in all nations, connected through a network of support, and spurring one another on in the work of creating Kingdom culture.

Our Need

Our world needs leaders with vision and integrity who create Kingdom culture in their sectors of work. Many young professionals in East Africa have a strong Christian faith and are hungry to grow in spiritual authority and professional influence. However, few training opportunities exist which address spiritual and professional growth in an integrated way.

Our Program

We run a three-month online experience for small cohorts of founders and professionals in East Africa to grow their leadership and professional skills from a faith-based perspective.

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