Artist Documentary Series

Artist Documentary Series
The Artist Documentary Series: Hung Liu Film documents the incredible life and work of contemporary artist Hung Liu (1948-2021).  By the nature of the film medium and it's possibility of navigating a variety of distribution channels, the Hung Liu Film will enlarge her audience by making her work and story accessible to many, worldwide.  This film will be the flagship film of what next will become a series of films on the work and lives of artists whose work is generative in nature, that is, which inspires the audience to themes of beauty, hope and renewal.  The series aims to provide an art education dished up as entertainment, as even mainstream audiences unfamiliar with the art world, can engage with several films in a row and come away with a basic sense of how to meaningfully "see" art.  Therefore, the mission of the film and the series is to bridge the gap between artist and audience, growing the art appreciating audience.
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