Global Commerce Network

Global Commerce Network

GCN is working to help people integrate innovation, technology, workplace relationships, management, and economics in order to bring benefits to communities through business. GCN organizes forums for business professionals and publishes books to help business leaders rethink current paradigms for commerce through peer networks.

We provide training and resources for forming small "think tanks" of people who wish to innovate ways to improve commerce, workplaces and communities. These groups become the basis for strong friendships, peer-to-peer business consulting, and personal growth.

We also support and actively promote businesses that seek to innovate products and services that improve the well-being of communities, thereby integrating daily work with love of God and neighbor. Our leading business is Primary Mobile Med International, a business that brings health care access to underserved populations around the world. For more information about PMMI, go to

Over the past two years, GCN has donated thousands of study guides on commerce and business in the US, Africa, Asia and Latin America. GCN board members have led conferences and workshops on the theology of work and workplace relationships in Zambia, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, Brazil, and numerous U.S. locations.

To expand our efforts, we hope to raise $30,000 in 2017. These funds would be used to cover publishing costs, conferences and travel. GCN board members are volunteers receive no salaries. 

If you have any questions, please contact GCN board chairman and publisher, Glenn McMahan, at the following email address:


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Glenn McMahan

Colorado Springs, US

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