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Emmaus Journey Ministry



Emmaus Journey is a lay Catholic evangelization and discipleship ministry which partners with parishes, small groups and individuals to facilitate a personal encounter with and conversion to Christ, thereby forming missionary disciples actively living for Jesus. 


By encountering Christ through scripture, discipleship and community--individuals experience:

1) conversion to Christ,

2) transformation in Christ, and

3) mobilization for Christ,

where they are actively involved in sharing their faith with others and living out their faith in the greater community. Thus achieving Goal One of the USCCB's initiative on evangelization, "To bring about in all Catholics such an enthusiasm for their faith that, in living their faith in Jesus, they freely share it with others." 

Our mission and vision is inspired by Luke 24:13-35 where two disciples are departing from Jerusalem in deep discouragement. A "stranger" walks with them and explains the Scriptures bringing understanding of all they have been experiencing and how these events were all part of God's plan to bring people into deep relationship with himself through the work of Jesus on the cross.  The "stranger", Jesus himself, is revealed in the "breaking of the bread". With their "hearts burning within" they return immediately to Jerusalem to proclaim the news of Jesus resurrection to their friends.  Jesus reveals himself as present with them.  They are all witnesses to his resurrection and are called to proclaim the gospel message.

We are also called to share in this mission of seeing those around us gain understanding of truth through the Scriptures, Jesus revelation of himself in the breaking of the bread, and an overflow of joy leading to proclaiming the Gospel message! 

“You too, go into my vineyard." ~Matthew 20:4 

"The fundamental objective of the formation of the lay faithful is an ever-clearer discovery of one's vocation and the ever-greater willingness to live it so as to fullfill one's mission. God calls and sends me forth as a laborer in his vineyard. He calls and sends me forth to work for the coming of his kingdom in history."  (Saint Pope John Paul II, Christifideles Laici, On the Vocation and Mission of the Lay Faithful, 58)


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