Awakening Artists

Awakening Artists

Cindy Limbrick is a registered psychotherapist specializing in individual and group therapy using art media as a means for adults and children alike to discover their “creative voice.” That inner-world language helps you express feelings and emotions and pursue healing in ways you’ve never considered before by putting you in touch—perhaps for the first time—with the God-breathed creativity that resides inside you.

The former director of Worship Arts at Woodmen Valley Chapel in Colorado Springs for seventeen years, Cindy draws from her deep experience leading visual artists—as well as her expertise as an artist in her own right—to help clients learn to live in the moments in which they find themselves each day and glean from those seemingly mundane episodes powerful lessons for overcoming the obstacles that truncate their personal and professional potential.

Cindy is a designer, a developer, an instructor, a photographer, an event producer, a public speaker, and the author of Saying Yes (published under her maiden name, Cindy West, David C. Cook 2008) and Living Locked Up, Freeing the Creative Spirit (forthcoming), and is committed to bringing her full set of competencies to bear on each client relationship. Satisfied clients include Mercy's Gate, Biblica, Called to Conquer Women’s Ministry, Woodmen Valley Chapel Women’s Leadership Team, Westside Community Center, and The Ascent Church along with numerous clients enrolled in her classes.

She resides in Colorado Springs with her musician husband Chuck Limbrick and their dogs, Jazz and Snoopy. 

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Awakening Artists helps artists
explore their hearts and journeys, addressing questions like "Who am I?" and “How can
my art make a difference?”

Awakening Artists challenges
artists to adopt a bigger picture
perspective and to use their
art as a means to give a
voice to the voiceless.

While the artists of old created
in isolation, Awakening Artists
believes the message for
the artist of today is to learn
from and live in community.





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Cindy Limbrick

Colorado Springs, US

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