Dreaming God's Dream Ministries

Dreaming God's Dream Ministries

Hope for healing, freedom from life’s deepest struggles, and renewed purpose for living through God’s transforming, empowering love.

The Journey

Everyone has experienced hurts, pains, wounds, generational curses, ungodly beliefs, and demonic oppression.  Yet there is hope through God’s resources, truths to be healed, and freedom to be set free.­­­

The Ministry

Either a one-time, issue focused ministry session of 3 hours or a Thorough Format Ministry of 15 hours will allow God to bring His healing presence in four integrated areas.  God’s presence will start to set you free in many areas.  You will experience practical tools for self-ministry to help yourself and others in the future.

The Walk

Declaring out loud your new godly beliefs and godly identity statements will begin to transform your mind and thinking.  The result is a changed person over time.  We desire that you not only be set free but to continue to live in freedom.  RTF provides 30 days of audio messages and other written resources to help you.  We will be available for follow up phone calls to assist you as well.

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