Bible Publishing Fund for Ukraine

Bible Publishing Fund for Ukraine
The Ukrainian Christian Publishers Association was formed by seven passionate Ukrainian Christian publishers who united to achieve synergistic results working together. The Association (currently twelve members) is doing projects impossible for a sole publisher. All the members of the Association are taking advantage. The Bible Publishing Fund is one such project. The situation with the Bibles in Ukraine is terrible. Most of the Bibles on sale in Ukraine are imported from Russia. The Ukrainian Bible Society is not strong enough to satisfy the demand for the Bibles in Ukraine. Because of the situation described below there is no independent specialized Bible publisher even though Ukraine has the biggest Christian population among the former USSR republics. So after years of discussions and a serious consideration our publishers decided to step up and solve this issue. Any individual publisher doesn't have enough resources for such a big challenge but we trust that together we can achieve much more. We put together a plan of how we could in cooperation with each other and involving our partners in Ukraine and from abroad evolve a model for meeting the need in the Bibles for the Ukrainians.

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End Date: 30 December 2014

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