NorCal Collegiate Navigators

NorCal Collegiate Navigators


      project manager pic The Navigators have a long and rich history in Northern California. Laborers have been raised up and sent all over the world from here. But it has been almost 30 years since The Navigators have had a presence on college campuses in this key area of the country. The Lord has called Bryce and Susan Bouchard to reopen the Navigator Collegiate work in Northern California and they have made a ten year commitment to establish Navigator ministries at thirteen schools within a two hour radius of one another in Northern California.

The Bay area alone has 970,000 college students and some of the most influential universities in the nation. The Bouchards intend to use a campus house located at UC Davis, which is centrally located, as a training center for future Bay area staff. Currently, they are training eight staff who are looking to open new Navigator Collegiate ministries in NorCal.

They have found a home right near campus that is strategic for campus training and ministry. It has ample room for outreach events, leadership meetings and hosting student parties. It also has a guest room which will be used both as a campus office and for hosting visiting staff who will come to Davis for training and as guest speakers.

The house is $700,000.  It is essential to be near and accessible to students on campus. As Bryce walked around the campus, praying for the ministry at UC Davis, he couldn’t help but 1113 OESTE DR, DAVIS, CA 95616 notice that every fraternity and sorority has a house right next to campus, because they want to reach students, the Jewish group has a house right next to this house, because they want to reach students, the Mormons have a place right there because they want to reach students, the Muslim group has a place close by because they want to reach students.  We want the Navigators to reach more of these students than all of the other groups combined! Bryce and his staff have shared the Gospel with over 1200 students in the last 4 months on campus, the field is white unto harvest. As The Navigators have discovered with Glen Eyrie, there is something very special about “place.”   The Collegiate Navigators of Northern California need a place!  Won't you help today?

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Bryce Bouchard

Sacramento, US

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