Transform Honduras

Transform Honduras



To transform the nation of Honduras, one community at a time. To break the cycle of poverty by empowering communities to successfully confront their Physical, Social, Educational, Spiritual, and Economic challenges.


  1. Create safe, clean, healthy, communities that are socially, environmentally, economically, and spiritually viable

  2. Create an environment where education, innovation, and sustainable livelihoods can flourish.

  3. Reach, educate, and serve families and teach them to serve others in their community.

  4. Eliminate hunger, malnutrition, disease, crime, poverty, child trafficking and illegal immigration.

  5. Develop the community infrastructure required for families to flourish and create a brighter future for their children.

  6. Share and show our faith through organic, lifestyle evangelism.

Problem being solved?
Transform Honduras is focused on breaking the cycle of poverty through the transformation of Spiritual, Physical, Social, Economic, and Educational factors. Hondurans are lacking fundamentals of life such as access to water, food, and shelter. We are trying to serve people who have become stuck in their survival mentality while encouraging them to take steps toward sustained growth and development.

How are you solving it?
Transform Honduras provides access to drinking water, food, shelter, healthcare and education. We assist families in developing best health and hygiene practices. We coach families in interpersonal relationships and help them learn to interact with other families as well as provide spiritual guidance. We teach families to serve each other and those around them. We assist the family in starting a micro-business to provide long-term economic stability. We also teach families how to preserve natural resources and protect the environment.

Why are you qualified?
We have been providing pastor conferences in order to build up community leaders for sustained growing communities. We focus on developing communities in a way that they can continue to grow and not rely solely on handouts. Our work for food programs and pastoral trainings are good representations of this.  

What is the urgency?
The communities we serve continue to grow. More houses, leaders, health clinics, and literacy centers are essential for the progress of these communities as well as their transformation from fear to faith in alignment with their new serving mentality

 Helping Those In Need Honduras


Based on our Vision, the Goals that we have set for each of the communities we serve are the following:

PhysicalSchool Room Honduras We believe that in order for individuals, families, and communities to succeed, they must have access to water, food, shelter, sanitation, and healthcare.

Social - We believe that the needs of the individual, family, and community can best be served when the community works together in harmony

Economic - We believe that in order for the community to succeed there must be adequate sources of income.
Educational - We believe in providing a better future for the current and next generation by supporting/building educational opportunities and infrastructure within the community.
Spiritual -Provide Spiritual guidance to those who lack hope.

Project Manager
Jeff Hines

La Ceiba, HN

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