Partnerships for Training Pastors

Partnerships for Training Pastors

Our vision is to encourage and equip less resourced Majority World pastors and church leaders through biblical teaching and the development of practical biblical resources. By partnering with global churches, mission groups, and Theological Institutions, we seek to assist national church leaders as they nurture existing pastors and develop emerging leaders to the glory of God.


1. Equip less resourced global pastors and church leaders through biblical training and practical biblical resources in partnership with Kampala Baptist Church in Uganda and other Majority World evangelical churches around the world.

2. Partner with missionaries and mission organizations which serve less resourced pastors and are committed to developing emerging pastoral leaders.

3. Network with global Theological Institutions to promote biblical education and spiritual growth of Majority World pastors and church leaders for gospel ministry.

4. Encourage the development of Majority and Western World church partnerships to train emerging pastoral leaders in Majority World churches. This synergy will be accomplished through seminars and consultations with local church pastors and other mission leaders.

5. Assist in cultivating a vision for identifying Majority World church leaders and pastors to provide continual pastoral training after this project ends.

Problem being solved?

Several years ago, Pastor Andrew Mwenge, of Kampala Baptist Church, developed a triangle diagram that described levels of theological education for pastoral leaders in the African church. At the top are those few individuals with certified theological training, which number about 5% of the pastors. Still other pastors have Bible School education. Yet, Pastor Andrew estimates that nearly 60% of African Pastors are functionally illiterate and could benefit from simplified training that is designed to be very interactive. Because this is the least resourced group, how they lead their churches inevitably will impact the future of the African church. What’s true in Africa is true around the globe.

How are you solving it?
By partnering with Majority World Churches and mission partners, Partnerships For Training Pastors is providing large group pastoral training events that teach the Scriptures and church leadership principles. Biblical resources are printed and provided for each training session. In addition to developing study guides for training sessions, we seek to address important cultural and theological issues facing pastors today. Along with the large group training in Uganda, two main projects include mentoring young adult emerging leaders and a Training of Trainers Project for the development of future biblical educators in various regions of Uganda. Into our third year of teaching Christ in the Old Testament in Northern Zambia, there is a growing biblical understanding of Scriptures’focus as well as printed resource material for future study. In Timor, our partnership involves training pastors and church leaders in the Scriptures by using recently translated Bibles or New Testaments of various language groups as well as teaching Bible at a Christian University in Kupang Timor.

Why are you qualified?
After serving in pastoral ministry for nearly forty years in US churches, I believe that God has equipped me with biblical understand and leadership principles that are beneficial for the development of less resourced pastors and church leaders throughout the world. My doctoral work at Westminster Seminary focused on developing partnerships for this global ministry and the last church in which I served focused on developing missional partnerships for global outreach. Developing these cross-cultural partnerships comes naturally and over the few years of this ministry the training has touched hundreds of pastors and church leaders.

What is the urgency?
In Africa, the growing presence of the prosperity gospel as well as Muslim influence demands a renewed commitment to pastoral training. Over the next ten years, doors may be closed for gospel teaching in many countries, so the training of pastors and emerging church leaders is crucial for the African Church. With the uncertainty of international politics and religious strife, developing these global training partnerships can only expedite the mission to meet this urgent need that God has set before us.

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