Together with Tanzania

Together with Tanzania

Developing relationship with the people of Tanzania and working together to offer opportunities for education and training, community and economic development.

Problem being solved?
Our goal is not to solve a specific problem but to develop relationship and from there address needs identified in process. We focus on opportunities for training and education support. In a very broad context we work to address poverty, global unequal access to resources/information and to continue to show up.

How are you solving it?
Partnering with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania (ELCT), Childreach TZ, White Orange Youth and other local organizations, we have provided scholarships; planned and implemented training; opened networking and time/space for personal care and development which all strengthen participants to address social, family and individual problems.

Why are you qualified?
Our primary qualifications for this project is continuing invitation to partner with those we have been connected with in Tanzania and that we have resources and commitment to follow through with plans and relationships.
Melanie holds a Masters of Social Work and has worked for 30 years addressing problems of family and sexual abuse/violence, mental illness, poverty, injustice and inequalities with strength based responses.

Randy’s education includes graduate level Urban Planning and Community Development, and his experience includes 25+ years in manufacturing management and leadership development with extensive cross-cultural experiences.

What is the urgency?
We met Tanzanian Pastor Onaiel Ringo in 2009 when he visited mutual friends here in Colorado Springs. Accepting his invitation to visit his family and parish in Tanzania brought us into a culture of welcome and poverty we had not experienced before. As we meet more people and encounter their lives, our sense of call and need to respond grows as well. The urgency of facing friends suffering terminal illness without adequate treatment; children without education, food or shelter; parents unable to care for their families; interpersonal and community violence and abuse; widows without options; youth without hope for adequate work all provide impetus for returning and continuing this path.

Project Manager
Melanie Lindsay-Brisbin

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