Global Scholar, The

Global Scholar, The

  A Community of International Students Past and Present.

Our purpose is to connect current and past international students, who have studied at colleges and universities in the United States, forming an international community to share information, experiences, relationships and life together. We are bound by the common adventure of living in a second culture and experiencing life together with students from other countries which makes us not just citizens of our home country but citizens of the World.  The Global Scholar is not directly controlled by any group or organization.  It is an association of members with common experiences and interests and communities that provide programs or support for international students. Member information will not be distributed by the association to organizations or businesses, but events and items of common interest may be posted on the website.

Currently there are over 725,000 international students from all over the world that are studying in the United States. In the last 50 years, millions have come to American for the educational experience and most return to their home country and experience a void in their lives that comes from losing connection with the friends they made and the culture they experienced while here in America. These students, past and present, are second culture people, citizens of the world, and they desire to stay connected with others like themselves who have had this adventure. If this describes the way that you feel, then you have come to the right place, welcome to The Global Scholar, the International Students Community!

There are international students in every major city and at every college and university campus in the United States. Though each of their experiences will be different, there are some issues and needs that all students studying in another country, particularly in American, have in common. The Global Scholar is a place where both students living in the United States and students who have returned home can join together and belong with others in a common community of people who understand the adventure of studying in another culture and the way it shapes our lives.

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Bill Moritz Chris Stroup

Colorado Springs, US

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