Freedom Truth Ministry

Freedom Truth Ministry

         To set individuals and couples free from:

1. Sins and curses of their ancestors and their own sins

2. Discover ungodly beliefs and establish Godly beliefs

3. Bring healing to spirit/soul/hurt's

4. Deliverance from demonic oppression

5. Encourage forgiveness and loving communication in marriage

6. Set individuals free from shame, fear and control issues of life   


    Below is the testimony of Murphy and Teresa Ross. Teresa received this ministry in 2012 experiencing great victory. She married this last year and her husband Murphy recently completed the ministry. Below are their testimonies. Double click on his picture below to enlarge.  

   My name is Murphy Ross and this is my testimony of taking the RTF ministry. It was a wonderful experience and I learned a lot about my past and my ancestors past sins that have been effecting me where I am today. I learned about demons constantly trying to worm their way into my thoughts and life. I was able to recognize them and cast them out using my godly belief prayers. I learned that we as Christians have the power to dispel them at any time according to God’s word.

Don and Sandy are wonderful people who care about others selflessly and are always there to talk with and help. This was a very helpful ministry and will help free anyone from curses plaguing their lives`; even if people don’t recognize they are being besieged by him. (Satan) I recommend this ministry to anyone.


 My husband and I had a RTF session recently. I learned some tools that I now incorporate in our relationship. I have a better understanding of how he thinks.  I feel we have better communication with each other. It has helped us to break some things from our past that was making it difficult for our relationship.  Our love is growing so much deeper since we have attended RTF. Praise God for RTF!

         Teresa Ross

Project Manager
Donald and Sandy Penner

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