To minister to Arab speaking peoples by giving them the Gospel of Jesus by:
Preaching, teaching, evangelism, biblical counseling, planting new churches, encouraging believers, disciple making, mentoring, offering conferences around the world, also using the internet, television, and printed materials to reach people.

Pastor Raafat Mashraki's church reaches out to both Muslim and Christian refugees. He says many Muslims are facing a crisis of faith.

"They are dealing with the god of Islam and they feel that the god of Islam has abandoned them," Mashraki said. "They needed healing, they need encouragement, they needed someone to stand with them and to be a help to them."

Pastor Mashraki's church has helped Ruba and her son Jacob, Christian refugees from Syria. The two fled the dangers of ISIS and other Islamic groups.  

She described what happened when a car bomb went off near their home while Jacob was outside.

"I go to street and I say, 'Jacob, Jacob, where are Jacob?'...I don't like any mother to feel this sad and danger," she said.

'I am in the street and the car, explosive, everything," Jacob said. "I don't know why it's 'kill every not Muslim, I kill you. You need Muslim.' I don't know why...but thank God now I am here and God has help me."  

While these leaders see opportunity, they also recognize the danger.

"I personally saw with my eyes people that have a connection to ISIS that have committed crimes overseas, but yet they are enjoying total freedom here," Pastor Mashraki said.

Nevertheless, they weigh that problem with the potential abundance for the church.  

"The amazing news is every time ISIS strikes, there's more harvest that comes in," Abildness said. "There's more people that want to flee from that. They flee from the fear, but what they find is that the miraculous power of God is working for them to help them flee."

Pastor Moussa is calling on the church in America to step up its prayers and work.

"For all those that hear us from the body of Christ in America: This is the time to pray and this is the time to labor among these peoples," he said.

"We are seeing that the harvest is plenteous, but the laborers are few," he said. "The body of Christ in America and around the world, I believe it's an opportunity now to pray for the refugees, that God will reach them with his love and salvation."

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