Good News Ministries

Good News Ministries

Being light in the darkness and bringing hope to the hopeless in Ongole, India

We are searching for regular operating funds of around $10,000 per month to support over 240 orphans through food, clothing, shelter, and education along with 40 special needs students. We are also raising money to build a multi use structure for the untouchables ($40,000), a new indoor kitchen for the orphanage ($17,000), humanitarian and missionary housing ($36,000), and bunk beds for the orphans (they currently sleep on mats on the floor. $24,000 for 130 bunk beds).

Our Story!

Good News Minsitries began unofficially in 1998 with official Indian Government recognition in 2004 as an NGO. They were founded by Samrat and Kamala Kodavatikanti along with Samrat’s parents, Joseph and Rachel Kodavatikanti. It was born out of a gathering in Ongole called the Church of the Lord. Really, the history of the organization can be traced back to the 1860’s when a missionary from New York, John Clough, travelled to Ongole and met a street magician named, Polliya Kodavatikanti and told him he should stop what he was doing and turn his life over to the Lord. Polliya told him to go away and mind his own business.  John Clough said the gospel was his business. After some time, Polliya converted to Christianity and changed the direction of his family. After 4 generations, they are still making a difference in Ongole serving the orphans, widows, untouchables, and prisoners.

Organizational services:

Good News Ministries exists to meet the physical and spiritual needs of all hurting people in Ongole, India. These would include about 245 orphans through an orphanage located across the street from Samrat’s home. There they feed, educate, and cloth the orphans regardless of religious of caste background. In India, this is very rare and commendable. They also operate 35 child care homes for after school programs to help those who are not orphans, but need a reason to stay off the street after school. Along with this education, they also rent a school building educating, housing, and teaching special needs kids in Ongole. If all of these programs weren’t enough to keep a staff of 29 people busy, they have ventured out into the untouchable region of Ongole to bring blankets and give shelter there along with the tribals of the area. Samrat also goes into the prisons to bring hope and joy in a very dark place. Finally, many elderly women are cast out of their homes when they cease being useful. Good News has opened a home to care for their medical and physical needs there.

There is a girl, Lakshmi, from a very poor family in Ongole who lost her father to aids. Her mom is quite sick and could no longer take care of here. One of the pastors from Church of the Lord brought her to the orphanage along with her sister. Her older sister, Sawra, died from asthma while they were in the orphanage. They think the aids from her father may have also effected Sawra. Lakshmi went all the way through the school at the orphanage and is now a trained nurse living outside of the city. She still comes back for Christmas and New Years to see the orphanage. . ."

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