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Shalom!!  Shalom!

The 1994 genocide against Tutsis was deliberately planned and systematically executed, resulting in brutal mass slaughter of more than a million people who were killed atrociously within a period of 100 days.  

After the genocide in 1994, a group of genocide widows located in Kigali, working together met often after work or duirng lunch break to share their testimonies and feelings.  It was a good time to cry and curse those murderers who caused misfortune.  Among these women there was one born again Christian who had a big burden for her newly found friends, and her goal was to speak to them about the love of Jesus Christ some day.  It was not easy to introduce God's love during that period because some people denied God's existence in the midst of their anger.  They refused to return in churches in which many people were killed.

Out of this time of crying and wailing, 3 widows turned to THe Lord and said "enough crying, we will start praying!"  Shalom Ministries begun in 1994 in the midst of extreme sorrow.  Their intention of rebuilding themselves with support from one another - and helping those around them, through the strength and wisdom of the Lord, became reality.  The organization-known as SHALOM RWANDA became a vital grassroots ministry providing encouragement to hundreds and hundreds of Rwandans.  

In June 2013 - during the period of 100 days of Genocide Commemoration, Shalom Ministries Rwanda visited many widows to bring comfort and gave 25 goats and clothes.  Each widow was given one goat to breed to help her meet basic needs like paying health insurance.  Drocella Ndudwimana, the Coordinator of SHalom Ministries Rwanda said "We come to comfort you in this period of 100 days of Genocide Commemoration. God who helped you survive is on your side and has a good plan for your life."  These activities continue today.  

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