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    Narin is one of our girls at Breanna's House that has been with us for several years.  In order to provide a girl with room, board, medicine, education that includes school supplies and uniforms, transportation and program it takes $1,800 a year or $150 a month to cover one girl’s expenses.  We would like to take 10 new girls this year into the program at Breanna’s House, would you consider making an investment in one of these girls with a $150 a month sponsorship? We will also put three people together to sponsor a girl for $50 a month each if you are not able to commit to $150 a month.   Click on the Donate To This Project button and put "CHILD SPONSORSHIP" in the comments space.
    Nestled in the jungles of Southeast Asia, a Christian orphanage for the impoverished girls of Thailand offers refuge, spiritual guidance, and an opportunity out of the cycle of poverty. Currently, 36 girls call Breanna’s House their home. Also, 5 girls have graduated and are attending University or college. Every girl receives a public education at a local Thai school, quality physical care, Biblical teaching, and life-skills training. Our hope is that each girl leaving Breanna’s House will be a mature young woman with the skills necessary to rise out of poverty and a heart that beats for God and others. We pray she will one day be a leader who impacts her own family, village and community.  For more information go to





    Jesus used three parables in the Bible to talk about return on investment, the parable of the Talents in Matthew 25, the parable of the Minas in Luke 19 and the parable of the Sower in Matthew 13.  In the parable of the Talents a man is going on a trip but before he goes he calls his servants and gives one five talents, another two talents and a third, one talent, and asks them to invest it for him.  The first two servants were rewarded because they gave the man a 100% return on his investment having received five talents and two talents they returned an additional five and two talents respectively.  We don’t know how long they had the money, but given our investment climate today 100%, looks like a pretty good return.  In the parable of the Minas, a noble man was going on a trip and he gave ten of his servants one Mina each and asked them to invest it.  When he returned he found that one servant had earned ten more Minas, or a 1,000% return, and another five Minas, for a 500% return, each was rewarded according to his investment return taking charge of ten cities and five cities respectively.  In the parable of the Sower, a farmer goes out to sow seed in four places - the path, the rocky soil, the thorny soil and the good soil.  Jesus tells us that the seed invested in the good soil multiplied one hundred times, sixty times and thirty times.  That is a 10,000%, 6,000% and 3,000% return on the farmer’s investment!  AmpornAt Breanna’s House of Joy, we are claiming the parable of the Sower as our model for investment return.  For eleven years we have been preparing and nurturing the girls at Breanna’s House and we believe God has helped us prepare good soil and we are now ready to begin the harvest as our first girls move out into the world.  We are claiming the ROI from the parable of the Sower for our girls because the harvest fields in Thailand are plentiful but the workers are few, and so we are asking the Lord of the harvest for a 100 fold return on what has been invested.



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