HCJB Ecuador

Mission Statement:
To show Christ and motivate others to do the same.


To be a creative and current media ministry that broadcasts the Gospel of Christ to influence the Latin American family.

Our Passion:
Our passion is to connect the Latin American family with God through radio streams, blogs, videos and tools offered by digital platforms

Our Objective:
Our main objective is to motivate and guide each member of society to believe and live the Christian values ​​consecrated in the Holy Bible to positively impact the family in their relationships and social responsibilities in their community

Because of the vision of Clarence Jones and his associates, people in Latin American and through the world are experiencing the voice of Jesus through the ministry of HCJB Ecuador. HCJB is an interdenominational evangelical Christian organization that disseminates through the mass media the gospel of Jesus Christ, so that all may know Him as Lord and Savior. In 1927, God called Clarence Jones to do the impossible. His heart burned to reach the unreached people of Latin America through radio. Yet door after door in Venezuela, Colombia, Panama and Cuba closed in his face.

In 1931, the door opened in Ecuador and at last, the broadcast license was granted, and HCJB was founded. There was just one problem… there were only about six radios in the entire nation! In the world’s eyes, Clarence Jones and his colleagues were crazy. However, Clarence trusted the God who fed more than 5,000 people with five loaves and two small fish.

By 1940’s the station had added broadcasts in Spanish, English, Russian, Arabic, Czech and a number of other languages. The addition of a 10,000-watt transmitter allowed HCJB programs to be heard around the globe during World War II. This was possible because few other shortwave broadcasters were on the air. The station was known around the world in many languages as “HCJB The Voice of the Andes.”

Currently, HCJB radio is an Ecuadorian organization, independent of the mother organization, now called Reach Beyond. HCJB Ecuador is self-funded.  

1.      To operate and maintain an FM radio station that covers most of the country of Ecuador with its frequencies and reach the world through web streaming.

2.      To develop a programming that connect the family with God

3.      To develop projects in remote areas of Latin America that provide audio content for evangelizing and discipleship. Currently in the river communities of the Amazon River in Brazil.

4.      To develop a web site ministry to reach the youth for Christ.

5.      To offer radio training to Christian ministries that would like to use radio or are using radio to reach their communities in Latin America.

6.      To produce programs for the family that can be used for any radio station in Latin America

7.      To produce programs for the mobilization of the church for missions

8.      To help start new Christian radios, providing technical assistance and equipment

9.      To create relevant content, to be used on multiple platforms.

10.  To collaborate with other like-minded organizations who have the desire to reach ethnic groups in Latin America, who have limited access to the Gospel.

Problem being solved?
Families in Ecuador and in Latin America are been threatened by dysfunctional homes with high divorce rates. The children are the most vulnerable to suffer abandonment of parents, domestic violence, addictions, depression and suicides. The incidence of these problems does not differ much in homes that attend church from those who do not. Without God's counsel, families will continue to disintegrate, and their members will suffer feelings of rejection, despair, low self-esteem, and will replicate harmful behaviors when forming their homes.Ecuador recorded a 119.1% increase in divorces in ten years. Source: INEC.   http://www.ecuadorencifras.gob.ec/institucional/home/

How are you solving it?
The contents produced by our staff, for both radio and digital platforms are developed for the young mother and her family. The mother is the main influencer in the family. If she loves and trust Jesus for her family, she will affect the other members of the family.

As a missionary organization, we also support Latin missionaries who are doing transcultural missions and produce radio programs to raise awareness of transcultural missions.

Why are you qualified?
We have a team of highly trained professionals, committed to the mission of God and passionate to share His message. We work with strategic partners aligned with our vision to expand the impact of our ministry. Through our websites, face-to-face counseling, radio programming and conferences, we reach 7000 people each year in a personal way. An average of 100 people accept the Lord each month through our website. The total reach we have with social networks is 400,000 (unique users) each month.

What is the urgency?
Through the years, HCJB radio has used the innovative technology to broadcast the Gospel to the country of Ecuador and to the world. Nowadays, the Internet and smartphones, brings us opportunities to reach people who are in the WEB. We value the developing of content that is making a difference in the lives of our listeners, web visitors.

As the world changes, there are unimaginable opportunities in media outreach. There are still millions of people who need the hope that only Jesus can offer.  

Project Manager

Anabella Cabezas Geoff Kooistra

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