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What is The Collegiate Advantage:

       ·  The Collegiate Advantage is an intentional discipleship ministry where college students can explore the claims of Christ, in an environment of grace and truth, while learning what it is like to be a real person who walks with a real God in a real world.

The Collegiate Advantage was born out of a calling to bring to the college campus the heart, vision, and know-how of a discipleship process that has proven successful in the business community. Students will learn a process of discipleship that has been established and developed by Navigators staff for over 40 years. This process will equip students leaving the college campus and moving into the marketplace to be fruitful in their walk with Christ and effective disciple makers in the marketplace and in their local churches.

The Collegiate Advantage Overview:

·         Purpose:  To be fully equipped and effectively engaged as disciples of Jesus Christ.

·         Picture: To pursue and reflect the Marks of a Disciple

        ·         Whole-Life Transformation (Luke 6:40)

        ·         Sacrificial Allegiance (Luke 14:26)

      ·         Faithful Obedience (John 8: 31-32)

      ·         Servant Love (John 13:34-35)

      ·         Spiritual Fruitfulness (John 15:8)

It is difficult to become something you can’t define. We have looked to Jesus’ own words in identifying the attributes he said would be necessary to be one of his disciples. These scriptures are guideposts on the path to following him to ensure one is on the correct path. Another way to look at this, is like a puzzle. Putting together a large and complex puzzle is difficult, but it is exponentially easier if one has the picture of what the final image is to look like. Life can be large and complex, but it is exponentially easier if one has a “picture” of what it is to look like.

 ·         Pathway: To intentionally pursue a life that reflects the glory of Christ more and more

      ·         Exploring – “Come and See” (Matthew 11:28-30)/ John 1:12)

      ·         Establishing – “Firmly Rooted” (Colossians 2:6-7)

      ·         Equipping – “Becoming an Ambassador and Discipler” (2Timothy 2:2)

      ·         Extending – “Go and Reproduce” (Matthew 28:19-20)

      ·         Prayer Team (Entreating) – “Call to Me/Depend on Me” (Psalm 127:1)

We use the High Quest discipleship tools created by Navigators staff. The discipleship process and High Quest materials are effective tools for use in a small group or 1-1 meetings.

·   Process: To provide perspective and encouragement while developing one’s heart, vision, and know how

      ·         The Word of God: Read, Record, Reflect, Respond

      ·         The People of God: develop relational bridges that will bear the weight of truth

      ·         The Spirit of God: understanding and developing the Fruit of the Spirit

      ·         Small groups and 1-1: 4 questions

                    o    Because we care, what do we need to know?

                    o    Because God’s Word is true, what are you discovering?

                    o    Because God’s Word is relevant, what is He telling you to do?

                    o    Because God cares, how can we lift you up in prayer?

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