JEO Ministry-Covid-19 Relief Outreach

Many people in the Holy Land have been out of work since the pandemic cause the first lockdown in March 2020. Thousands have fallen below the poverty line. Families can't feed their children or pay for fuel keep them warm in their homes. People are crying out for physical and spiritual nourishment. They are losing hope.

At JEO Ministry, we can help alleviate the suffering of so many. Most importantly, we can show them that there is always hope in Christ through a practical demonstration of His love. With our relief team, we want to expand our help to 500 families per month by giving them food packages, personal protective equipment and help with some basic medicines. This is so needed as the majority of people receive little to no government assistance such as social security or health insurance. They rely on people like us for food and medicine. We have seen people blessed and come to know Christ through this ministry. With your help, we can bless many more! 

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