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Mission Statement

To empower communities and develop wholistic minded leaders through programs that will help the poor overcome poverty and develop people's values, skills and leadership potential.


Problem Being Solved

Empowering Communities of Hope Project serves the poor, marginalized, and broken in the world through coming along side and building relationships with those in need. We empower individuals, families, and communities in order that they might reach their full potential and ultimately impact their neighbors and the broader world for good. Currently our focus is serving the marginalized in S.E. Asia. We reach out to people in need with the intent of meeting them "where they are at." We then work to help them with their life needs including food, shelter, education, livelihood, and mentoring through one-on-one relationships. We use specific tools and programs that we have created to help those who might otherwise lack any opportunity. We have started a sustained movement of wholistic community development among those we serve. We teach and show that people from marginalized communities and those otherwise challenged can succeed, and that they in turn can reach out to show and teach others how to do the same. We believe this is the way to ultimately curb and end generational poverty. By empowering those who have been left out in society, we can begin to rebuild our world in a way that supports the lives of all those living among us.


How are you solving it?

Our work is relationally driven and is initiated by local leaders who are living within or next to the communities we serve. We use a number of different approaches to empower those we serve, but most of our work is through the programs we have created or adapted to address the roots of poverty. We have offered medical clinics to our communities when our partner doctors are available to provide services. In times of natural disasters we work with local governments and NGO's to bring in needed supplies and help community members to rebuild business through multi-year projects.


Why are you qualified?

Many lives of Filipinos are being impacted by the work of Empowering Communities of Hope Project in cooperation with its local partners. We have a number of college students from our work who are now giving back in their respective communities, following Jesus, and leading others to Christ. We are seeing children learning to read, staying in school, and families who previously struggled are able to support themselves and their families due to the efforts of Empowering Communities of Hope Project. Our expressed goal is ending extreme poverty through curbing illiteracy and making basic education available to all who are able to attend school. We desire for people from underserved communities to live empowered, self-sufficient lives that honor God through edifying choices, environmental stewardship, and healthy family and community relationships. We long to see Filipinos helping other Filipinos to become all that God has intended, and many being lifted out of poverty.


What is the urgency?

The Philippines is at a crossroads of development. It holds great potential to lead among the countries of South East Asia, and among the countries of the world. But with so many people struggling in poverty, the country will not reach its full potential. There is a great need for those with skills and hope to come along side and encourage those who are most in need. To become a vehicle for change, the current generation needs to be equipped through education, job skills, healthy values, and leadership training. Filipinos have shown themselves to be resilient and some of the most talented and innovative people in the world. But in order to take hold of success, Filipinos must be empowered to build vibrant communities of hope that will sustain their lives and give them a healthy and prosperous future. With the help of organizations like Empowering Communities of Hope Project, Filipino society can be changed from the inside out and a brighter future can be realized for generations to come.

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Empowering Communities of Hope Project Empowering the lives of those in need.


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