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Mission Statement
Foley Development Consulting exists to assist at no cost nonprofit organizations/ministries with strategies to raise funds for their organization/ministry.

Problem being solved?
Many times the organizations/ministries that need to raise funds the most have the least amount of dollars to spend on development. I would like to come along side organizations/ministries to give them strategies to raise the funds that they need year after year without charging them for my assistance.

How are you solving it?
It is solved by working with organizations/ministries to set up a development calendar, organize fund raising events, coordinate all financial asks, set up a thanking process, and help them to meet the ongoing and special needs of an organization/ministry.

Why are you qualified?
I became a Certified Development Professional in 1998 and have worked with Christian schools as a director of development and also as a development consultant.

What is the urgency?
Virtually every organization/ministry needs to raise funds as the lifeblood of their organization/ministry but many do not have the training or accountability needed. I can provide that at no cost to them. This will especially be a help to smaller to mid-size organizations/ministries.


Project Manager

Dennis Foley

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