SACRED JOURNEY: Soul Care and Spiritual Formation for the Christian Leader’s Journey

Duane and Sandy Hammack


What is a SOUL?   

Is it merely something to be “SAVED” until needed at death?

Do we see the SOUL as Jesus did when He was here?

Why are BURNOUT and EXHAUSTION realities today for many missionaries and pastors?

What if missionaries and pastors minister out of seriously DIS-FORMED souls?

What is the “ABUNDANT LIFEpromised by Jesus in John 10:10?

Is it possible that the souls of missionaries and pastors have been SHAPED more by American culture than the Biblical culture seen in the Scriptures?

At SACRED JOURNEY, we ask and seek answers to these questions everyday as we interact with and come along-side missionaries and church leaders. We are a ministry focused on the care of the soul for the Christian leader who has discovered that the personal and ministry life they are leading feels “unsustainable” and/or lacking “abundance”. We love working with missionaries who are returning to the US tired, stressed, and in need of space for rest and de-briefing of their term. We enjoy working with pastors and other vocational ministers who need to stop and be renewed and re-calibrated in their vision with God and “others” through a personal retreat on Sabbatical. We love to journey with Christian leaders in the church pew who have circles of influence in the marketplace but are struggling to take the next step in their own walk with God before being “salt and light” to their community.

Using a hybrid model of counseling, spiritual direction, discipleship, and coaching- our calling is to the HEALING of ministry souls as well as deeper Biblical SPIRITUAL FORMATION of souls by encouraging a return to emphasis on the “ancient paths” of contemplative relationship with God. Jesus has provided the model for how to live and minister through the scriptures as He has shown us how to “be” with God as a wellspring for the overflow of ministry in our “doing”.

As Soul Care Providers, we minister in the context of retreat and one-on-one sessions. We love to meet face-to-face for individual sessions or through video-conferencing with ministers all over the US and the world. In addition to one-on-one sessions with individuals, we also enjoy working with small groups in retreat format.

DUANE and SANDY HAMMACK live in Raleigh, North Carolina but also travel for ministry opportunities elsewhere. Together, they have ministered alongside each other for nearly 38 years in private healthcare, their local church, and on the mission field of East Asia. In all these arenas, care-giving to ministers has been their focus. With professional counseling training and two years of Soul Care equipping for Duane and Sandy’s certification as a professional Spiritual Director, the Hammacks bring a convergence of both experience and training to the Soul Care journey with those they serve. Married for 41 years and parents of three adult daughters and 4 grandchildren- they also have the depth of life experience in family life and parenting that enriches their ability to listen, ask strategic questions, and be directive as necessary with those journeying in the family-building stages of life and ministry.

Bob Swatland
Project Manager

Duane and Sandy Hammack


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