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His Urban Presence is committed to intentional incarnational living. Through relationship building, His Urban Presence seeks to meet some of the needs of the homeless, mentally ill, addicted, and otherwise marginalized adults and children. When we cannot meet those needs directly, we refer individuals to one of our network partners if possible. His Urban Presence also provides resources and training on incarnational living as well as opportunities for incarnational ministry to churches and other religious organizations. To develop relationships with people living in the margins of society with the goal of being the physical representation of Jesus Christ. Demonstrating the heart of Christ to all people we encounter while intentionally reaching out to those living in poverty, suffering from mental illness, struggling with addiction, or just dealing with the difficulty of life. Through these demonstrations of tangible love, we "earn" the right to speak to them about the God who loves them and sent His Son for them, and help them to understand that God is bigger than their current circumstances.


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