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How Shall They Hear… (Rom 10:14)


We are now based in Wilmington, NC & reaching out from here nationally & internationally. We are continually reaching locals for Christ in the Wilmington area with the truth of the gospel Downtown and on the UNCW and Cape Fear Community College campuses. Evangelism training to take the fear out of one-on-one conversations is something we will continue to offer. We also continue to disciple youth & adults locally.


NC State University in Raleigh is full of local & international students who desperately need to hear the Gospel and be challenged in many areas of their lives. They are the future of this country. We have regular encounters with students weekly on campus with conversations about Christ. Christians we meet are also encouraged, and we always leave students with tracts that promote Christ and His salvation, the book of John, and our contact details. 

ACROSS THE COUNTRY - Tennessee, Washington State & Maine

When we get opportunity in the coming year, we will be visiting our missionary friends & doing some evangelism in some of the hardest parts of the USA. These will include joining our friends Doug & Amy in the Pacific Northwest & Nathan & Robin in Maine. This May, we will be visiting our missionary friends Ken & Marilyn & Kevin & Emily in Knoxville TN. We welcome contacts in other areas. Please e-mail us!  

ACROSS THE WORLD - Mainland Europe

Last summer for 4 weeks, we ministered to Romanian Youth & Gypsies of Northwestern Romania with the gospel at Finate International camp. 

Last April, we visited a town in Northeastern Romania, called Suceava, where we ministered to Ukrainian refugees alongside some other missionaries and translators. We were serving those that were coming from the Ukraine with great needs and burdens. We also were privileged to visit Chernivtsi in Southern Ukraine for a day with our new translator friend Masha. What an eye-opening visit we had! We were privileged to serve with such an easy going and hard working team!

In April 2023, we will travel to the UK for King Charles's Coronation to hand out Million-pound tracts with him featured on the front as King of England and King Jesus featured on the back. We are joining thousands of other believers from many parts of the world in London on May 6th to outreach to the lost with these souvenir tracts. Leading up to this, we will be in the Bournemouth area sharing Christ.

What a time we anticipate to come!

In June, we travel back to Germany and re-connect with missionary friends and outreach to the local students. We will also be travelling to various neighboring coutries that are very unreached to hand out tracts and have conversations.

Germany - 2% Christian

Czech Republic - 0.74% Christian

Slovakia - 1.46% Christian

Austria - 0.57% Christian

Hungary - 3% Christian

Croatia - 0.42% Christian

Slovenia - 0.2% Christian

August 1st, a team from Topsail Baptist Church is meeting as at Finate International Camp in Romania to minister to the Romanian Youth and Gypsies once more. For many youth, this is their first mission trip to a foreign nation. We pray this lights a fire for missions in their hearts and changes their lives for good.

We also continue to stay in contact with the people we know in Spain, England & Germany who have yet to be saved. Please pray for them as we continue talking to them about the Everlasting Gospel of Christ.

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