International Fellowship for Everyday Saints

God is working on public transportation, in apartments, in gatherings of Christians, and on college campuses and elsewhere in and around Washtenaw County, MI, USA (home of the University of Michigan, Eastern Michigan, Washtenaw Community College, and others). International students, scholars, immigrants, and the poor are being reached as we sit down with folks or walk with them along the way to discuss the person and power of Christ.

The lost are seeing prayers answered in Jesus name & hearing what He did on the cross & in the resurrection. The religious face the fact that all have sinned. Sinners are turning from their sin & becoming true saints. Using Bibles and Christian resources in multiple languages, we are seeking to share the vision of Christ with the Lost, the Least, and Leaders of the Lord's church. 

Peoples impacted by our witness include: Jews, Arabs (Egyptian, Iraqi, Jordanian,  Lebanese, Palestinian, Saudi, Yemeni), Atheists, Bahai, Buddhists, Chinese, Christians (Apostolic, Baptists, Catholics, Mennonites, Methodists, Orthodox, Presbyterians, Quakers, Reformed...), Druggies, Greeks, Hausa, Hindus, Hispanic, Indonesians, Iranians, Japanese, Jehovah Witnesses, Kenyans, Koreans, Mandaean, Maninka, Mormons, Muslims (Ahmadiya, Alawi, Shi'ite, Sufi, Sunni), New Agers, Pakistanis, Rastafarians, Sikhs, Somalis, Unitarians, etc.

We do this by maintaining the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace. We believe God's purpose in this epoch of history is for the whole church to share the Whole Christ from the Holy Bible with the whole person of every person of every people in every language in all lands for all time with all boldness, focusing on the lost, the least reached, and leaders. Our own service is primarily in Washtenaw County, Michigan, USA.


Visit or @if4es to learn from Mert's perspective on ministry and the advance of the Kingdom. Or join in regular prayer by contacting to request a prayer letter.

Visit or @prayap to learn how you can pray for the heart of the Muslim world. PTAP (Praying Through the Arabian Peninsula) on Facebook.


As you look at the maps on this page, pray for those who are in these areas, that they would be impacted by the presence of Jesus. Pray for free access to God's Word. Pray for the joy of the Lord to be our strength. Pray for more laborers who will give their all for the Kingdom of God. Pray for us to be filled by the Holy Spirit. Will you join us in being fishers of men?


So where do your gifts go?

1. Bibles, Bible portions, and other Christian literature and media to give freely to those who are interested in seeking God's grace.

2. Training & encouragement for laborers & leaders so that more will reach out to those without the Good News.

3. Communication & shipping: what it takes to connect with people for follow up, either sending them Bibles & books or arranging for meetings & maintaining networks.

4. Financial partnership with other strategic ministries which are on the frontlines & are similarly focused on making Jesus known among those who haven't heard. Discipling all nations.

5. A small stipend to supplement regular income to support good health and so that no second job is needed. This would help keep Mert free to focus on the task at hand.

Bob Swatland
Project Manager

Mert Hershberger

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