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Jesus healed a man who had been born blind in John 9:1-34. Unlike most healings Jesus performed, however, this man had to go do something (wash in the Pool of Siloam) in order to get well. In the same way, many people today are getting well by taking steps of faith through improving their diets and lifstyle and thus reaping the benefits of Christ's healing or maintained health.

Many today say they don't know where they'd be if they'd not found this ministry. Their health had eroded so far and their discouragement had become so great, that they did not see a way out.  All that changed when they came to us, however.  Unlike other natural healing ministries, New Siloam is headed by an ordained, evangelical minister who understands that Jesus cares about both souls AND bodies. Join us! 

Steve and Lisa Plog

P.S.  The picture below shows how the Pool of Siloam looks in Jerusalem today!

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Stephen Plog

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