The Kenyan Society for the Protection and Care of Animals.

The Kenya Society for the Protection and Care of Animals (KSPCA) is an animal welfare charity organization in Kenya that deals with domestic animals. The organization has been in existence for over 100 years and has its head office in Nairobi and two other branches in Naivasha and Mombasa.

Our mission is to care for animals and protect them from stress and cruelty through rescue, community education and enforcement of animal welfare laws in Kenya. This we aim to achieve by promoting the protection of all kinds of animals, preventing cruelty to them, rescuing and relieving animals from all manner of suffering. KSPCA Mission is a Kenyan society living with happy and healthy animals, and compassionate towards them.

KSPCA is the only organization that runs an animal shelter for rescued animals which are rehabilitated before being rehomed with vetted families. On average, we have 130 dogs and 100 cats at the shelter. We charge a rehoming fee of Kshs 8,000 per dog and Kshs 1,000 per cat and this includes the full vaccination and neutering. Other animals we shelter include cows, donkeys, horses, rabbits, birds and guinea pigs.

KSPCA is also the only organization that responds to animals in disaster and distress situations as a result of natural or man-made disasters as well as rescuing animals abused/misused in public demonstrations.

The organization works under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act CAP 360. The act gives our authorized officers the powers to: arrest offenders of animal welfare and to seize animals they deem to be in distress.

KSPCA Programmes

KSPCA runs various programs on animal welfare as detailed below:

Spay/Neuter and Vaccination Campaigns

We feel strongly that overpopulation of cats and dogs should be controlled by sterilization rather than by killing of healthy animals. All the dogs and cats rescued and brought in at the shelter are spayed/neutered before they are rehomed. The KSPCA also conducts spay and neuter campaigns in low-income areas when funds are available. Annually KSPCA spayed/neutered an average of 600-800 dogs and cats and another over 700 animals are vaccinated against rabies and other diseases. This is done through specifically funded projects from donors such as the Marchig Trust, other animal welfare organizations in the country or as part of government collaboration activities.

Animal Shelter

We run a shelter for animals which are abandoned, homeless, lost or victims of cruelty. We provide care and a safe environment until either they are reclaimed or rehomed to carefully vetted new homes. The KSPCA has a minimum kill policy; only animals that by reason of age, ill health or temperament cannot be rehomed are euthanized. Annually, the shelter admitsover 600 dogs and cats; and rehomes an average of 500 dogs and cats. We also conduct treatments for the animals at the shelter and for the low-income communities which comes to over 700 dogs and cats were treated for various ailments annually. On average, KSPCA houses 150 dogs and 100 cats on a monthly basis. Other animals that have come through the shelter have included donkeys, horses, sheep, goats and rabbits.

Humane Slaughter

We were instrumental in introducing humane slaughter of livestock in Kenya. After having seen the way animals suffer in abattoirs, we embarked on a humane slaughter programme promoting the use of captive bolt pistols. We import captive bolts pistols and blank ammunition which are sold to the abattoirs at cost price. Our inspectors teach slaughterhouse staff on proper use of humane killers and their maintenance. KSPCA has trained over 100 slaughterhouse personnel in the use of the captive bolt pistol for humane slaughter of animals and makesover 300 slaughterhouse visits annually during the humane stunner users were given technical support by our field officers. The last year has seen an increase in the number of donkey slaughterhouses which our inspectors closely monitor to ensure the animal are handled and slaughtered humanely. KSPCA through funding from the Brooke East Africa, has been able to implement a project aimed at improving donkey welfare through the advocacy for reduction of donkey theft and slaughter, improvement in donkey care and handling as well as increased prosecution of offenders in donkey cruelty cases.

Investigations & Rescue

We receive over 6,000 calls per year including reports of cruelty or abandonment and advising owners on pet care. Annually, we conduct over 1,200 investigations; rescue an estimated 800 animals under various circumstances such as cruelty, abandonment or accident victims. The field team covers over 65,000kms for the fieldwork carried out.

Education & Advocacy

We target school children by visiting schools and encouraging visits to the shelter to teach them on importance of animal welfare. We annually have over 20 school groups visit the shelter for educational trips from kindergarten to university level. We regularly host over 15 veterinary student interns who have experienced the practical vet and fieldwork carried out by KSPCA personnel.

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