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Why do we need ProLife Europe?

Abortion ends the life of one out of six Europeans. We don’t believe this reflects our generation’s values and what we stand for. This is a human and societal crisis we won’t accept.

However, the majority of young people have no idea what an abortion actually does to the mother and child, that there is help for women in pregnancy crisis and the effects of abortion physically and psychologically. 

The good news is that across Europe, the young generation is the most pro-life since the one born before WWII’s end. And they want to take action. Yet they need to be empowered and trained to engage their peers. 

What We Do

ProLife Europe empowers our generation to defend and build a culture of life in their schools, colleges, and cities.

Founded in 2019, we are the only European wide pro-life youth organization. We work grassroots helping students change hearts and save lives. 

By 2024, our goal is 300 pro-life youth groups across Europe. Each group reaches young people at their university, in their schools, and on their streets. 

We work to liberate Europe from abortion.  

Join The Mission

We can’t do this alone. All of our group leaders volunteer their time. They give LifeTALKS in schools. They change hearts on the streets and at their university. They connect girls in need with pregnancy help centers.

But they need training, materials, and support. Our team travels to their campuses, helps them start groups and host outreaches. We train them on pro-life conversations and provide continual support. We meet our generation where they are through quality and relevant communication (on social media, the web, YouTube, etc.).

Your Gift

Will you partner with us? Your monthly gift of $250, $100, $50, or even $15 will enable us to raise up the Pro-Life Generation in Europe, creating a Europe without abortion.

Funding Goal

$ 100,000.00
Days Left

Project Manager

Manuela Steiner

Funding Period

Start Date: 24th March, 2019
End Date: 24th March, 2024

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