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A ministry devoted to sexual purity and grace-based discipleship led by Dave and Robin Weidner. Purity Restored offers:

    Resources that lead disciples towards freedom and grace.

    Training for congregations, leadership teams and specialty ministries.

    Individual or marital life coaching with Dave or Robin (spiritual recovery, trauma, and marriage restoration).

    The annual Pure and Simple conference (working beside Tom and Carol Nuelle), now in its 12th year (pureandsimpleministry.org).

“As the Weidner’s openly and candidly share their lives, they connect with so many hearts. We witnessed disciples restoring hope for change, making decisions to face their pain and sin, and beginning their road to recovery. Through Purity Restored, brothers and sisters all over the world will fight the battle for purity in their lives and marriages.”

Ron and Lavonia Drabot, Charlotte, North Carolina

“As leaders who are constantly involved in helping and counseling others, we saw the need but were not well-equipped to help. When Dave and Robin came to Nigeria in 2018 and 2019, they taught us about the healing of trauma through the call of grace. They taught us how to work through purity issues. They gave us tools to overcome the self-defeating snare of shame that affects so many well-meaning Christians and hinders them from being their best for God. At our first ever Youth and Family Conference, they taught a revolutionary set of classes to parents, teenagers and singles. It was a breath of fresh air. Through this effort, I see a light that will grow and shine across the African continent to “bind up the broken-hearted” and declare “the year of the Lord’s favor” to others.”

Fred and Titi George, Youth and Family Coordinators, Lagos, Nigeria

“Over 1,000 disciples from South Asia (India, Nepal, Srilanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh) have participated in Dave and Robin’s 2020 Pure in Pandemic series. Over 60% of these were young people. The Weidner’s scriptural insights and grace-based teaching have helped us break cultural barriers of shame, guilt and insecurity related to abuse or sinful addictions. They have inspired us to study and implement grace-based leadership and discipleship in our churches. This will bring a radical change making our churches more relevant to the new generation, and a haven of healing for the older generation.”

Mark and Jasmine Pichamuthu, Bangalore, India

Funding Goal

$ 35,000.00
Days Left

Project Manager

David Weidner and Robin Weidner

Funding Period

Start Date: 22nd November, 2021
End Date: 31st December, 2022

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