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Mission Statement: Help Support students through worthy scholarships.

Avory Kvale’s life tragically ended on December 27, 2018 at the young age of 17. Avory positively impacted others and was loved by those around her. She had a natural ability to brighten and ward any room she entered. Avory embraced everything with love, a sweet smile, calm reflection, and laughter. They joy she radiated was unmeasurable. She welcomed all with open arms. The quality of friendship Avory gave was filled with trustworthiness, loyalty, kindness, generosity, and humor. Her time was frequently spent with family and friends.

A key attribute of Avory was a strong desire to help others. To continue Avory’s legacy of helping others, Avory’s parents (Jay and Courtney Kvale) initiated the Avory Kvale Memorial Scholarship in March 2019. The scholarship is presented annually to a high school senior female. The scholarship will provide a financial means to help the selected individuals as she prepares to enter her first year of college.

Jay and Courtney are coordinating an annual Avory Kvale Memorial Golf Tournament and are soliciting donations to raise funds to support the annual Avory Kvale Memorial Scholarship.

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