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Mission: We help leaders GET HEALTHY + REACH MORE IMPACT
Our culture is sprinting at hyper speed, chasing fame and seeking to earn approval through accomplishment. This is waging war on our souls. The spike in fame culture and technological advances have pressurized leaders. The carnage is everywhere; moral failures, broken marriages, burnout and waning passion is running rampant. Unfortunately, these blights are affecting Christian leaders as much as anyone else.

We heard more leaders silently crying out for help in addressing the issue to health. They are looking for a different path besides living overwhelmed or underwhelmed, so we equip leaders to live whelmed. We train and coach into the heart of the leader, not simply into their capacity. We marry spiritual realities of kingdom leadership with practices and tools to help leaders become healthy and wholehearted so they can lead for the long haul. When we get healthy we naturally reach more impact through abiding, not striving.
Culture is speeding toward unhealthy living, and this has translated into unhealthy leadership. With advances in technology competing for the attention of leaders and the popularity of the hustle culture surrounding the gig economy leaders are more tempted than ever to prove their worth by how much they do. Following the COVID-19 crisis leaders will continue burning out if we do not offer pathways to train them to thrive. Leaders have never had more voice and influence than right now, so we must help them change the paradigm from impact-focused to identity-focused. 

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