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Harling Leadership provides emotional, relational, and spiritual support for ministry influencers, including pastors, authors, missionaries and church leaders.

Ministry workers face a constant barrage of challenges, including crisis, loneliness, complexity, betrayal, and weariness. They often respond to these challenges with fear, rigidity, withdrawal, and disillusionment. It’s been noted that the turnover rate for pastors and missionaries now rivals that of NFL coaches. The negative impact on ministry families is notorious and well documented. Harling Leadership helps ministry workers respond to their leadership challenges with courage, hope, and wisdom. To that end, we provide personal coaching, team consulting, spiritual life retreats, books, blogs, and other resources.


We fulfill our mission through:

1-individual/couples mentoring and coaching for ministry leaders

2-retreats for ministry leaders

3-Spiritual life conferences for missionaries

4-Books and resources for ministry leaders

5-Hope-giving blogs/email subscriptions

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Stephen Harling

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