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The mission of Subcontinental Sanfords is to inspire a new generation of Bethesda Christian Academy’s students and teachers to exceptional learning through relationship

It seems impossible to fathom that English language instruction could change the trajectory for children in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh and ultimately the entire subcontinent, but that is the vision we have in going to serve at Bethesda Christian Academy (BCA). The time we are able to serve at BCA working alongside teachers and students and sharing our knowledge of the English language, both written and spoken, has the ability to shift the future of India. Because English is the language of trade and business, knowledge and practical application are key. Once students have graduated from BCA with their years of practice in English, they will have greater capacity to thrive in universities and ultimately in the work force. They will able to seek more gainful employment, and they will be able to help support their families back in rural Hapur, easing the strain of their meager wages. If students choose to return to their villages, they will take with them knowledge gained at university that could alter the landscape of farming, trade, marketing, etc.

This is a big vision, for sure, but our heart is to see students and teachers alike thrive and to bring relief to their struggling families. Our vision is pinpointed now, but the ripple effects could be staggering. We need you to partner with us to make it happen!


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