4th Quarter


4th Quarter

First off, we should tell you the reason we named our project "4th Quarter." Not to be morbid or anything, but we are in the last quarter of our lives. God has gifted us with a full life, amazing work experiences, great health, and a love of our Heavenly Father. He has shifted our hearts and lives so that we are allocating our time, our energy, and our talents to something that we hope would have a profound Kingdom impact.

We have a greater clarity and purpose in this stage of our lives and are so thankful you are joining us on this journey. Thank you!

The Need

There are local island villagers searching for plastic bags adrift in the ocean, washing and drying them and then selling them, to have food for their families.

Currently there are over 27 million in this country living BELOW the poverty line amidst the pandemic and the number continues to grow.

People are considered below the poverty line here if they make about $5 per day for an entire family!

We are part of a group who provide food, medical supplies and education to the local islanders. Even though some do not believe that COVID is real, the loss of jobs is very real and hunger is very real.

This also gives us amazing opportunities to build relationships with the local community.

Your donations provide for many wonderful things including:

  • Food for the hungry
  • Providing for locals who have medical needs
  • School supplies for local children
  • Building relationships locally
  • Developing Bible study materials, including translating into local language
  • Helping and encouraging locals through Bible studies and mentoring
  • Education scholarships for locals including university, Christian programs, etc.
  • Our language study program
  • Personal training and development (conferences, seminars and personal development)
  • Office needs including zoom, email, internet, etc.
  • Program related travel (locally and internationally)
  • Mentoring locals and local business owners in best business practices to help them personally develop their career and improve their businesses in order to build strong relationships in the community
  • Mentoring women at all stages of life to build relationships, learn the local culture and be connected to local needs in order to help fill those needs.



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