Elemental Churches Fund


Elemental Churches Fund exists to help churches become more effective 
and to provide funding for faith-based non-profits to pursue grants.


We formed our company, Elemental Churches, to help churches become
  healthier and more effective. As our work expanded, we found ourselves in
  touch with faith-based non-profits—often connected with churches—wanting
  help in funding. We expanded our team with people who were skilled in
  grant-writing and grant-readiness assessments. Because of our success in
  securing grants, we now have donors who want to give charitable
  contributions in order to secure grants for ministries they love, as well
  as give in order to sponsor churches and help them thrive strategically through 
  our cost-effective tools and coaching.*

We envision a world where the Kingdom of God is expressed not only through
  churches, but through faith-based non-profits desiring to bring justice and
  compassion to under-resourced people everywhere. We believe that funding
  should not impede the goodwill and intentions of leaders of ministries that
  are truly making a difference in the name of Jesus. We simply want to make
  their jobs easier. Thanks for your investment!


Project Manager

Judi Odor

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