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Michael Ryan Black was taken violently from us on April 17th, 2013, at age 19. He was one of the most amazing young men that you could ever encounter. He was a model son; respectful, honorable and always worked hard at whatever he had in front of him. All-American Football player, USA Rugby player – above-average grades and a leader of leaders!

Michael also had his struggles. Mental illness ran in his family. He fought with over achievement and never feeling it/he was good enough. In the spring and summer of 2012, Michael started using drugs. His almost perfect life was coming apart very quickly. By the time that fall came around, he had a felony on his record and had lost most of his friends.

The road back was a very difficult one that he never got to overcome. In January 2013, Michael was back in school with his Rugby scholarship reinstated – but, although he was off recreational drugs and his faith was reestablished, he was having a very, very hard time engaging. Mentally it was more of a struggle than any of us could know. His death is still a bit of a mystery.

His foundation is dedicated to a generation of young people that may struggle with depression, addiction, apathy, mental illness; Michael’s heart would be to have a “Holistic” approach in reaching every person with physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

We are going to serve The World Race  G42 Leadership Academy, and thousands of others to help awaken, empower and launch a generation of leaders that will serve all over the planet! Just like Michael would want!

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