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The lower level of the Lyell Light House ministry home should to be completed before the end of January to house more young adults for ongoing discipleship to be local missionaries in our broken community in Rochester, NY (7th most dangerous neighborhood in the country) and global missionaries to the lost nations.

We invite people to come into our home for discipleship so that they will disciple others in this community and leave as mature disciple-makers (2 Tim 2.2). The house is named Lyell Light House because of its purpose to bring the light of Christ into the darkest community in Rochester and throughout the entire city.

The lower level will function as a separate apartment to the first floor. It will house the single women with their own kitchen, full bathroom, and laundry machines. The 1st floor will house the single men with the same amenities.

Estimated pricing breakdown for lower level:
- Air control system (Dehumidifier & air purifier): $1,750
- Kitchenette: $2,500
- Vinyl & carpet full area: $2,500
- Used furniture: $1,500
- Complete ceiling: $800
- Water heater: $1,200
- Paint: $250
- Drywall: $700
- Gravel parking space: $800
- Bathroom: Donated

All labor, with the exception of the air control and water heater, will be provided for free by the local church.

Funds Raised

$ 2,043.05
Raised of $ 12,000.00
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Bob Swatland
Project Manager

Faith Comes From Hearing

Funding Period

Start Date: 12th December, 2022
End Date: 31st January, 2023

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