Madala Village

Madala Village is a community on the outskirts of Dar es Salaam.  We got involved with this village in 2006 while living in Tanzania.  It has been put on our hearts to love the people here in all the ways we can.  We have enjoyed building relationships, providing  new opportunities,education, and hopefully inspiring them to have hope for their future.  


Pastor William Jacob is the heart & Soul of this ministry.  He is how it all began when he had a call from God to move here.  William ministers to his community daily and we have partnered with him knowing he is the best person to reach his community.  


Last year we purchased land 2 hours from Dar es Salaam and we are currently praying asking God what the next steps should be.  William visits the land two times a week to build relationships with the people.  We know that God has great plans for this place.  


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