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Together, we've been on staff with The Navigator organization for over 27 years, steering through the choppy waters of collegiate, military, and First Responder worlds. 

Now that we have joined the New Horizons Foundation, our quest to know Christ and make him known continues, among doctors, nurses, first responders, patients and their families.

Our preferred way to minister to people has always been in the great outdoors, using a program Brian developed (while ministering at Penn State University) called OSLO to guide them through the wilderness of life. Brian has also become a certified instructor with the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation and is already being utilized to provide education, training, and consultation in comprehensive crisis intervention to hospital staff, emergency responders, and other professions, organizations and communities.

We've always been passionate about leading with integrity, purpose, and a dash of humor, and now, through the Pathfinder Project, we're like spiritual GPS systems, guiding others through life's overwhelming transitions.

Funding Goal

$ 120,000.00
Days Left

Bob Swatland
Project Manager

Brian and Kerri Ely


Funding Period

Start Date: 1st May, 2024
End Date: 1st March, 2029

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