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Global Life CampaignTM
Lift up the Standard of the Sanctity of Human Life
Remember the Unborn, Serve Pro-Life Nations 

Sancitiy of Life   Mission: 

   1.  Lift up the standard of the Sanctity of Human Life among the Nations;

   2.  Impart a Biblical understanding of life, government, and spheres of authority;  

   3.  Remember the Unborn, and expose Abortion as the Greatest Genocide; 

   4.  Serve and Strengthen Pro-Life Nations, and work toward Ending Abortion.

Unique Strategic Objectives:  

Problem being solved?
There are 4 worldwide problems that the Global Life Campaign addresses:

1.  Substantial loss of a Biblical and Judeo-Christian understanding of the sanctity of human life and human rights, and the God-ordained purpose of civil government and law to protect human life;

2.  Lack of accurate information about abortion incidence in nations, and greatly exaggerated estimates for developing nations designed by abortion proponents to pressure their governments to remove all restrictions on abortion;

3.  Lack of understanding of the enormity of child deaths by abortion during in the last century - over 1 Billion - even with accurate conservative estimates; and 

4.  Relentless pressure upon nations that prohibit or highly restrict abortion.  

To address these problems, the Global Life Campaign was spurred on to provide accurate information - including the Abortion Worldwide Report published in 2018 - and to come along side pro-life leaders and advocates in nations with professional services and presentations. 

How are you solving it?
The Global Life Campaign aims to provide church, government, and pro-life leaders with solid Biblical, historical, constitutional, and scientific reasons to protect innocent human life and overcome relentless pressure to authorize or increase access to abortion.  We also look to help pro-life nations overcome that pressure and preserve their good laws protecting preborn children and pregnant mothers. Lastly published the first comprehensive "Abortion Worldwide Report," with reliable data on 100 nations, analysis, and methodologies, to reveal the dreadful effects of authorizing abortion, and to be a Sacred Memorial documenting the 1 billion dead.  And we hope that this Report will be a tool to save millions of preborn children.

Why are you qualified?
For many years, we have meticulously compiled massive amounts of accurate data across 100 countries and territories, covering nearly 100 years. There has never been a collection of data of this magnitude on abortion. The data represent 4,915 country years of reported data and well vetted estimates, that covers abortions in a range of political systems, cultural and religious backgrounds, and time periods. Our analysis provides necessary information and tools to assess numerous harmful impacts of authorizing aboriton, and to motivate nations to restore protection of innocent human life.  

What is the urgency?
Worldwide at least 40,000 babies die every day by abortion, but 59 nations still prohibit abortion, and 49 substantially limit access, and these nations face constant pressure to remove all legal obstacles - just as the U.S. did in the 1960s and early 1970s.  But we can help these nations not make the same mistake as the U.S. and others, and save the lives of millions of babies every year.  The Abortion Worldwide Report was published in 2018, and with many additional materials, help:  (1) nations who prohibit abortion, giving them an abundance of reasons why they should preserve their good policies protecting human life; and (2) nations that partially or fully authorized abortion to reconsider their policies and restore legal protection to preborn children and pregnant mothers.   


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