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Home Sweet Home Shanghai was started in 2005 by giving loving care to homeless people, meeting their basic needs and providing life skill training. The organization has grown and developed fast, incorporating now 2 homes and a locally registered entity in East Shanghai, through which we hold our training programs, vocational workshop and other activities.


Our vision is “Equipping the needy who have special needs to fulfill their full individual potential in the community”. Loving and caring for those with special needs we build their character in a loving home environment and develop their skills through training and employment. By assisting their integration HSH functions as a bridge between the community and the needy ones.



Living: We provide a loving Home Environment which helps to build character, responsibility for self and others, and prepares for independent living.



 Learning: We provide a Training Program that focuses on basic life skills, counseling / emotional development, practical skills and reintegration skills.



Working: We provide a job in our Workshop which helps towards building self worth, gaining work skills as preparation for outside job placement.

Our trainees come from the streets, from orphanages, from families and often have some form of disability. We give them an opportunity to change their lives, with the aim of self acceptance, independent living and employment, equipping them to fulfill their full potential.


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Home Sweet Home Shanghai

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