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Blue Mountain Ranch strives to bring campers the joy of childhood in a rich and education setting, to develop the love of the natural environment through outdoor experiences and to increase the child's awareness of others through non-competitive cooperative living. The funds that are raised are used to provide scholarships to deserving children.


History of Blue Mountain Ranch

The Allen/Graf Family of Blue Mountain Ranch is doing now what they've done for 60+ years-making preparations for another fun-filled summer at their exciting camp located just west of Pikes Peak in beautiful Colorado. An anomaly in today's world, Blue Mountain Ranch remains a small, private co-educational summer camp attracting some of the finest families in American and throughout the world. Though some aspects of camp life remain much as they were years ago, exciting innovations have brought the program into the future.



Blue Mountain Ranch Philosophy

Our number one goal at Blue Mountain Ranch is to bring a mountain of smiles to your child’s face every day. At Blue Mountain Ranch, each child is an extension of our family and everything we do is designed to help build outstanding people.

Our Objectives Are:

  • To help our kids develop emotionally, morally, and physically
  • To help our kids learn to love and respect God's great outdoors
  • To teach our kids to get along with others and embrace diversity
  • To encourage our kids to participate. Don’t just go for the best team
  • To help our kids learn to respect other people’s personal property
  • To teach our kids to treat a public place with the same respect they would their own home
  • To teach our kids to walk softly upon our earth, be kind to our forests and public parks, and save our planet for the next generation
  • To love each of our kids individually and help them according to their particular needs
  • We will not seek out the most outstanding camper to honor that child with a large award. We will help that child who is not outstanding, who is perhaps timid or homesick and encourage our kids to treat others with the same compassion.
  • To teach our kids thoughtfulness and selflessness - to think of family first, friends second, and self last
  • To send our kids home better children for having had this rich experience at BLUE MOUNTAIN RANCH

Blue Mountain Ranch is a non-competitive camp. We believe school children deserve a rest during summer vacation from the pressures of scholastic, athletic and social competition. We stress participation rather than competition. With this view in mind, there are no awards for best camper, but rather recognition for participation and attendance at camp.


Colorado Summer Camp
for Boys & Girls ages 7-15
Established 1946
Tel (719) 748-3279 - Fax (719) 748-3472


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Suzie, Bob, David and Tim Graf

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