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As a Christ-centered ministry, we desire to reach out to the ‘fatherless’ as Christ did and demonstrate His precious love; physically, emotionally, and spiritually by building homes and facilities to care for orphaned children in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

According to the 2013 study done by the Center for Disease Control, there are 350,000 orphaned children due to AIDS in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). These children are vulnerable to extreme poverty, neglect, abuse and exploitation.

Our goal is:
1.      To provide a safe and loving family environment for orphans through our orphanage, Arbi De L’Esperance (AE), which is located in Muanda in the DRC.
2.      To provide a quality education not only to our orphan children, but to the surrounding community, by the building of an AE school.
3.      To develop an agricultural program that will not only help support our children but provide a means of living for others in the community, by building farmer houses and developing 50 acres of AE land for crops.
4.      To build a clinic with relatively modern facilities and electricity, which will provide healthcare of our children and the surrounding community.
5.      To reduce illness from water-related diseases by producing water wells for desperately needed safe clean water.
6.      To partner with other organizations who have common goals to help those in need; for example, various churches, Project C.U.R.E, WEM-NL, Vitamin Angels, etc.

Problem being solved?
The number of orphan children in the Democratic Republic of Congo is staggering due to things like AIDS, conflicts, wars, atrocities; etc.   Many children are exploited in numerous ways; never having an opportunity to grow up as children but trying to survive in a hard-unforgiving world; no education, no healthcare, unclean water, scrounging for something to eat; etc.   They have many strikes against them; a major one being that they already live in one of the poorest countries of the world.

How are you solving it?
Abri De L’Esperance (AE), the name of our NGO in DRC, provides family homes for the children to grow up in a safe and loving environment. AE provides healthcare for the children through a health insurance program in Muanda. The younger children attend a primary school that is part of AE and presently, the secondary school chldren attend a public school.   The director of the project, residing on the property of AE, is a retired pastor who makes sure that the children receive a Christian education through Bible studies and community prayer times. In addition to the orphanage, we are also in the process of gathering plans to build a clinic with modern facilities and electricity, building of farmer houses, development of agriculture, adding a four classroom addition to the exsisting AE school, development of water wells, and the building of a third family house.

Why are you qualified?
Pastor Nkudulu, the director of AE, and Ans De Zeeuw, then a CMA missionary, who has since passed away, began a project for polio victims in the late 1990’s in Muanda.   Since that time, they have worked together in various capacities to help the poor and disadvantaged; especially those in Muanda.   The pastor, a man of God, is very well respected in the community and AE is an official NGO recognized in the DRC as a Christian orphanage.  Now under its umbrella, it is involved in education, agriculture and healthcare; all in the interests of the children.

What is the urgency?
Presently, AE has 21 children in its care. There are so many other children who need help by being rescued from an unknown but probably sad future. Organizations like Compassion International do not operate in DRC so that is not an option. For those who can attend school in DRC, the education level is very poor. As for healthcare, although there are relatively good doctors, the medical facilities and supplies are substandard and lacking. Also due to the poor water conditions, many people; including children, get sick from water-related diseases.

Project Manager

Len De Zeeuw


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