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Red Tent Living is the primary expression of our work. Red Tent Living is a place where women come to simply be and be together. Amidst the impossible, confusing, and shaming ideas of femininity in our culture today, we find respite in gathering and telling our stories. Femininity is not an essence to be quickly taken in, nor is it contained in the labels of age, location, or vocation. That is why in this venue, we choose to reframe what it is to be a woman. By sharing our stories, we can support each other. We can learn from each other. We can change the world.

Red Tent Living believes every story belongs. All stories are welcome at our table.

Today Red Tent Living is read in 187 countries. Our purpose to serve as a metaphorical table has come to include women from all faith backgrounds, ethnicties, nationalities and orientations. Our platform is based on our foundaitonal love for Jesus Christ, who calls us from the margins of life to advocate for women whose stories have been ignored or silenced. 

We are excited to be launching the Red Tent Living podcast this year, along with newly updated themed dinners women can host in their own homes to help build connection and community around their tables.

Partnering with women in our community we help to host retreats throughout the year, offering women places to experience healing, hope, restoration and rest. (Writing to Heal, Sacred Interruption, Red Tent Writing Confessional, BIPOC Rest and Renewal Retreat)

In 2023 Red Tent Living completed our partnership with Transforming Nepal to build a community center for women, offering safe space for women to receive educational support in learning to read, build business, and hear the gospel message. It allows provides refuge for those needing it from the practice of chaupadi.

The Founder of Seized by Hope Ministries and Red Tent Living is Tracy Johnson. In addition to running the magazine, hosting the podcast and facilitating retreats Tracy also offers spiritual direction, counseling and writes. 

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