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“It was such a grace to receive the gift of a scholarship when we were hurting in so many ways. Thank you for blessing us, our marriage and the future generations of our family. We're praying God uses us to expand your gift ten-fold.”

At Affair Recovery,, we specialize in helping people heal after the devestation of infidelity. Our programs are life-changing, research-based, and Gospel centered. Roughly 85% of participants' marriages not only survive but thrive.

This scholarship program is designed to help those who are not only experiencing a marital crisis but also a financial crisis as well.

Affair Recovery was founded by Rick Reynolds, LCSW, one of America's foremost authorities helping couples and individuals who struggle with infidelity and compulsive sexual behaviors. After healing from his own affair 30 years ago and helping 2,500+ couples do the same, Rick and his team have developed ground-breaking online courses and also conduct weekend intensives each month in Austin, TX. The online courses are offered world-wide and have a small group based format. Taking this journey with a group provides the most powerful way to heal after infidelity.

Below are just a few of the testimonials we have received from those who have received a scholarship. 

“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the opportunity to attend the EMS weekend! It was life changing. Without your generosity, I don't know what would become of our broken home. Before we were granted the scholarship, there was no hope for change. Our lives have been in such turmoil for so long. We had no hope for a future together.
Words cannot express the impact the EMS weekend is making in our lives. I truly believe God led me to for a reason. The experience not only gave us the tools and support we needed but hope for a better future! We are facing each day with a new attitude and feel more adequately prepared to face our day to day struggles. The exercises we participated in, taught us things about each other we desperately needed to experience and understand. Again, thank you for the incredible opportunity and for giving our relationship the hope, tools, and the gift of a purposeful life we needed! Please keep us in your prayers as we continue to heal and find God's plan for our future.”

C, Alabama | EMS Weekend


“Before this course, which was 1 1/2 years after the yearlong affair had ended, Dan was not readily willing to discuss the affair or help me to process it in a healthy way.  I was filled with a lot of anger and rage, and he just wanted me to put it in a box and move forward, which I wasn't willing or able to do.  We were at a standstill of sorts and so desperately needed a course like EMSO.  The course forced us in a productive way to discuss and process the affair, reasons why it happened, and how to prevent it from happening again.  We have learned to communicate about issues instead of "sweeping them under the carpet".  Our relationship is so much stronger now and there is an amazing renewed love that is sweeter and more tender than it has ever been in our 21 years of marriage.  Your generous support has truly saved a marriage.  We can't say thank you enough for your desire to help restore marriages, and in turn families.  Also I want to add that we never missed a night of our 13 weeks of conference calls, and we are continuing to meet to go through the Married For Life curriculum with our online group!  May God return to you in blessings as you have blessed others.

M, Florida | EMS Online


“I had just shared a few weeks prior my incredible failure as a husband. I knew my wife loved me and wanted to be with me but neither of us had any idea of how to deal or move forward with healing, intimacy, honesty and recovery. EMS provided the foundation to know what next steps looked like and how to begin processing what I had done and what would be needed to move past my failure. When I talked to Tony, it was evident that he had been in almost exactly the same situation as me, and asked me to attend an EMS weekend. I didn't really understand what I was doing or what I was getting myself into. After talking with Rick on the telephone I saw a hint of the reality that he cared deeply about helping people overcome the pain and trauma no matter what side of the betrayal they are on.
When I arrived in Texas we did some of the most difficult and uncomfortable exercises with my spouse I have ever done. However, they were so healing and powerful that only afterwards did I see the power of them. Rick shared from his own mistakes and helped us understand trauma, flooding, and grieving from balanced spiritual and scientific perspective. Now so much of what we were experiencing had names, and I understood my spouse's pain on a whole new level. I realized that focusing on Jesus was essential to have a marriage that would stand the trials that lay ahead of both of us. Hearing from one couple who had been to EMS and saved their marriage was so encouraging. We spent lots of valuable one on one time with Rick, John and Leslie which gave us many tools and perspectives to move forward in understanding that we couldn't save the past, but we could change the future.
Though the weekend was utterly exhausting, it was the life and light we needed to begin the long road down a new God honoring relationship at every level. In a nutshell, EMS gave us HOPE that a new future was possible and that this didn't have to be the end, but the beginning of something very beautiful. I believe, if you truly want to save your marriage, then EMS is essential to repairing the past, recovering hope and building a new future.”

R, Oregon | EMS Weekend


“Harboring Hope was a great experience for me, and the scholarship I received was such a blessing. My husband's affair left me with two small children, a mortgage and many bills, and a part time position in ministry, all of which I am grateful for, but I would not have been able to ever afford Harboring Hope without assistance. The women in my group connected right away. They were insightful, open and in tune to God's leading in their lives. As I was a little further along in my journey of infidelity, I was able to speak into some of the women from my experience, which was a great blessing for me.
The curriculum in Harboring Hope is excellent. It is organized, thought provoking and well written. My leaders were very supportive and came from very different backgrounds, so they were each able to relate to us uniquely. My experience in the class let me know I wasn't crazy, helped me to let go of any residual anger and resentment, and gave me hope for the future, something I cling to. I am so grateful for the scholarship that I was granted, and I recommend Affair Recovery to everyone I meet in ministry going through similar circumstances. I am grateful from the bottom of my heart for this experience.”

K, California | Harboring Hope



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