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Equipping Africa was developed to prepare Africans for the future by connecting people, ideas, and innovative solutions to problems in health and medical education. Africa is a continent with fantastic potential but also major challenges. Poverty, infant mortality, HIV, malaria, tuberculosis and many other infectious diseases contribute to shorter life spans. Physicians are in short supply. Rod and Mary Adam are physicians who are investing the next stage of their lives in medical education and public health in Africa.  After 22 years as faculty at the University of Arizona College of Medicine Rod is now teaching medical students and resident physician at medical schools in Kenya. Mary, a pediatrician and public health researcher, is directing a project that aims to reduce neonatal mortality by training women in rural communities basic principles of newborn care. They are also mentoring young professionals and working with home-based orphanages.

Further information about how you can bring your own unique talents and expertise to build capacity in Africa can be obtained by checking out the Equipping Africa web site; www.equippingafrica.org. you may also contact Rod or Mary at equip@equippingafrica.org.

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